Day… 86?

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I haven’t written on here in a while. The bloggy thingy was feeling like a waste of time. Like you need to concentrate when you write these so you can’t do it when you’ve got the kids but then when the kids are asleep you could be watching more movies, and I’d rather watch more movies. Which I have been.

My last blog was 21 days ago and the last movie I wrote about was The Sound of Music which took me 28 years to watch.

In those 21 days I’ve watched… 1.. 2.. 3.. Ok crap. I’ve watched 24 Continue reading


I FINALLY Watched The Sound of Music

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I took a whole day off movies!


I got a ride to work and then talked to someone the whole train ride back and then I went and fell asleep early that night like a small child. It didn’t even feel good. I wasn’t even rested the next day. I felt like I’d wasted a whole day. Loser af.

Next day I had to jump right back into it. No effing around. Continue reading

Day 6 – 2 movies in 1 day

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Not uncommon to watch more than one movie in a day for me. I almost watched three.

On the train ride in and back to work I watched Five Easy Pieces (1970). Movie 168.


It was added to Netflix New Zealand not long ago and I’d never ever heard of it. I still don’t even know what Five Easy Pieces means after watching it. The only hint I have is that in the film, the main character plays the piano and he mentions playing this song because it was an easy piece but he only plays the one bloody song so where are the other four coming from? Continue reading

Day 5 – Best Movies From My First 100

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Writing this thing has opened up a completely new and completely unknown world for me.

I’ve never written a blog and have never followed anyone else’s. I’ve never cared too much for what others think or do so I understand if no one gives a shit about what I write here but a couple of random people from around the globe have shown interest in my bloggy thingy, whether that was for their own gain or because they actually liked it I dunno, but it’s allowed me to see others with the same interests. That is, watching movies and probs getting fat.

I saw someone else that was making their way through the IMDb Top 250 but only watching the Top 250 which I was a little envious of because they’ll reach my ultimate goal before I do! Continue reading

Day 3 – And most of Day 4 too.

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I finished The Last King of Scotland. Movie number 165.

It was good. Like really good. Not great though. Have a 7.1 out of 10. The performances were great. Forest Whitaker…

*Checks Google for spelling of the name…

It makes me uneasy writing his name. Am I the only one who thinks Forest should have two r’s and Whitaker should have two t’s. Forrest Whittaker. Continue reading

Day 2 – Movie 164

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So it’s more like day 140 in movie watching land and I did some overtime at work so I can afford to live another fortnight. Living in my overdraft is hard. It’s more of a habit than a must though. I’m just a bit shit tbh.

Going to work means being able to watch another part of another movie whilst in transit on bus and on train.

I was growing tired of the train. I used to observe the other human beings on the train and then write stories on Facebook about my adventures. Continue reading

Day 1 – I Guess.

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A little while back I saw the Top 250 Films of all time based on ratings from IMDb. When I checked off the films I’d seen, I realised how many I hadn’t seen and the only films I had seen were stoner comedies starring Seth Rogen and co. I don’t even do drugs.

So began my quest. Not to just watch the Top 250 from IMDb but to watch many films. Films you should’ve watched as a child like the Toy Story series, Continue reading